Now that the car has been torn back apart, the body work can begin.  First,the underside of the floor was cleaned up.  Once all the welds were ground smooth, 2 coats of DP primer were added, followed by 4 coats of filler primer.  This will be sanded smooth just before it's painted.  Now on to the body.  First the entire inside of the car is DP'd.  Then the outer shell is meticulesly gone over, first sanded, then metal prepped.  Any trace of surface rust must be removed at this stage.  From there, DP is added.  
Then any filler work is done, and DP is applied over that.  From there, we add 3 coats of filler primer, then block.  This will be done several times before the body is ready for paint.  At this point, the body has it's last coats of primer, which will be allowed to set. 


Here's a shot of the frame after all of the modifications. We've changed alot of things on this chassis (many more than we thought we would have to). But it should work really well now.  It's now ready to be sandblasted.

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