Here's what we're starting with - a 385HP "Fast Burn" 350 Crate motor. We used one of these in George Poteet's roadster, and it worked flawlessly. Now we just got to get down to removing all unnecessary bosses, burs, etc and smooth it up a bit.


At this point everything has been removed, filled, and ground smooth. It's been washed down thoroughly and is ready for it's first coats of primer.


Here we have added 2 coats of PPG DP primer, then 3 coats of filler
primer.   Now the tedious sanding will begin.  Every nook and cranny must be
sanded, then everything will get another 3 coats and sanded again.
The engine after the sealer coat.  Now on to the color and clear.
Here's a shot with the final coats of clear.  It should look good with all of the accessories bolted up.
Even with the valve covers added, it really starts to come alive. It will be a while before the rest of the parts are bolted on (we let the paint cure at least a couple of weeks)

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