Rodder’s Journal number 62

Goodguys Gazette, February 2014

Hot Rod of the Year, Goodguys Hot Rod Nationals, Indy, 2013  
Street Rod of the Year Top 5 Finalist, Goodguys Columbus, 2013
Builders Choice Pick, Goodguys Pleasanton, 2013
Jim Ewing Memorial Award, Goodguys Pleasanton, 2013

Street Rodder Top 10, Goodguys Pleasanton, 2013


Rodder’s Journal number 62

Goodguys Gazette, February 2014


Frame/Manufacturer – 1934 Ford Boxed/ASC  Rails narrowed in the rear and extended wheel base by FastLane Rod Shop

Rearend/Ratio – Winters Quick Change

Rear Suspension – Transverse leaf, Pete and Jake Ladder Bars

Rear Brakes – 11” drums, Modified SoCal Covers

Rear Shocks – JRI

Front Suspension – Super Bell 4" dropped axle, Modified front crossmember, Modified SoCal Hairpins/Batwings

Front Brakes – SoCal  

Front Shocks – JRI

Master Cylinder – Ford/Custom made pedal

Steering Box – Pete and Jakes vega box

Steering Column – Modified Limeworks

Front Wheels – Real Wheels kidney beans

Rear Wheels – Real Wheels

Front Tires - Diamond Back smooth sidewalls

Rear Tire – Diamond Back smooth sidewalls

Gas Tank – Tanks ’34 Ford modified


Body Style– 1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe (steel)

Body Manufacturer – Steve’s AutoRestoration

Hood – 4 Piece with one off latch setup so we can run with no hoodsides and latch does not show.

Radiator – Walker

Body Work/Paint - FastLane Rod Shop

Paint Type/Color – Dupont Hugger Orange

Headlights/Taillights – Jesse Greening/’34 with shortened stands

Modifications – Chopped  31/2:” front/3” rear, relocated upper hinge, split roof and posts leaned back

Other – All Chrome and polishing by Jon Wright's Custom Chrome Plating,


Make – 1964 Buick Nailhead (NOS)

Displacement - 425

Manifold/Induction – Hilborn Fuel Injection

Ignition/Wires – Joe Hunt Mag/Taylor

Alternator – Smoothed and painted 1 Wire by PowerMaster

Cooling fan – Flexlite 15”

Headers – One-off by FastLane Rod Shop

Exhaust/Mufflers – Full 2 1/2” (utilizing Donuts), Coated inside and out/Stainless Tube mufflers, by FastLane Rod Shop

Dress Up – Block/Heads ground smooth and painted,


Make – Richmond 5 Speed

Shifter – Hurst handle

Driveshaft – Custom by Sadler Power Train

Clutch Linkage – Custom by FastLane Rod Shop


Dashboard – Modified for better gauge fit

Gauges – Rare 2 5/8 green line gauges, one-off 4 1/2” speedo

Wiring Panel – Centech

Steering Wheel – Limeworks

Seats – 1965 Impala SS

Upholsterer – Dave and Sally Schober, Sandwich ILL

Other – 1964 Galaxy Arm Rests, Roll Bar,