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This is what we will be using.  Some 2.5" 16 gauge pipe, donuts, and a pair of Flowmaster Hushpower mufflers.  These are excellent mufflers that will sound and perform great and fit nearly anywhere we want to put them.  They are made of stainless, but we will JetHot coat the entire system.

We start on the more difficult side, where we need to work around the oil filter, pedal assembly (we have a five speed in the truck now). 
We now can make the passenger side similiar (they will not be exact duplicates, but pretty close).  We will add a flexlible stainless piece at the end of this piece.  We are using this since the motor is mounted with stock motor mounts and will have some movement (as opposed to mounting with tubular mounts with urathane bushings that do not move much).
Here's a typical "bend" welded in.  Everything is TIG welded, and sanded smooth.  When coated, it will appear as one piece.
Through the frame and back to the mufflers.  We now need to go over the rear and out the back.
Here's the two sections going over the rear.  From the mufflers back, everything is the same.
The exhaust ends with straight pipe exiting under the bumper.  We will now send all of the pieces to JetHot for their Sterling Silver coating.
Here's the complete system JetHot Coated.  It looks great and will be easy to maintain.