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Here's what we started with.  The original seat riser is quite high.  You sit way too high in the truck.  Face it, if you're going to look cool, you've got to sit down low!

The seatriser was originally bolted and riveted to the floor.  We removed all bolts and rivets in order to be able to cut it up.  This will also help in the finish work, as we are now able to paint it (and buff) out of the truck.
We sanded the areas we would need to mark and sprayed with blue ink.  This will help with marking a nice straight line to cut on.  We will be taking approximately 2 1/2" out of the piece.  We also will need to remount the battery cut-off switch and remote jumpers under here.
Here's the piece after the cut but before the welding.  We could have made a new piece just as easily, but as you can see, it still has the original flair.  The idea in doing this type of change is to keep it as original appearing as possible.
Here's a shot of it welded together, back in the truck.  Just enough room for the cut-off switch and remote jumpers.
We're done.  Notice the difference in seat height from beginning to end.  Even though this seems to be a very minor change, in the overall appearance of the truck (with George in it), it will be huge.  And the casual observer will not realize the riser has been changed.