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After many months of work, here's the completed truck.  We're really happy with the DuPont HotHues color - it just looks right.  We've put about 450 miles on the truck so far and it's a real pleasure to drive!

The rear 3/4 shot on a '40 is pretty neat.  You can also see the tonneu cover - it's set within the bed for a cleaner look.  The white brightens things up a bit.
In this shot you can see the pinstripping - it's just the right amount and style.  It really helps set this little pickup off.
Here's a shot of the interior - the downsized Crestliner wheel and custom Classic Instruments really bring the interior to life!  The 5 speed makes it a real fun drive.
Finished shot of the engine bay - the 385hp Fast Burn engine is dressed in a set of Camel Toe Racing valve covers and O'brien truckers aircleaner (with gold painted fins).  We pulled the air conditioning compressor for this first year (it just didn't look right), we'll add it before next spring for added comfort.  With the cowl vent, the truck is real comfortable cruising down the highway as is!
Even though the tonneu cover usually stays on, the floor is finished off real nice.