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George sent this '40 Pickup up for some sprucing up and paint.  He bought this truck several years ago and has enjoyed it since then.  He's made some updates along the way, but it's come to a time where it needs to be really gone through and while we're at it add some paint.  Currently the truck has a Corvette TPI/700r4 combo, which really doesn't work for the traditional look it's going to have.  Plans are for a 385hp crate 350 and a manual trans.  Classic Instruments has built a gauge cluster similar to the one in the 5 Window, just in black and white (to match the interior).  It will also receive a nice coat of Dupont HotHues Sierra Gold.  Look for it at 2005 Goodguys Indy.

This has got to go - it's not going to fit with the look we are going after.  We'll be adding a 385hp crate 350 with a 5 speed.  The truck will be a blast to drive!
We'll also change all of this.  We'll route the air and heater lines on the inside of the fender wells.  It will be alot cleaner under the hood.