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George decided he would like to use a '40 dash.  Here's a pretty decent (other than some surface rust), one to start with.

At this point we gave it a trial fit  - quite a bit too wide!
We decided to take the necessary amount out of the center of the dash.
At this point it's back together, and we've started taking off some of the upper lip.  Originally the upper ends of the dash start turning back up, but on a '32 the upper part of the dash is one big sweeping arch.
Here we've modified the ends to flow with the windshield, making the upper dash one subtle curve from end to end.  The ashtray holes are now filled also.
Now we need to fill the center opening in the dash.  A piece is made in the english wheel so it has both a right to left curve and curve top to bottom.
Here the piece has been TIG welded in, and sanded smooth.
The finished dash, bolted in.  Several mounts were made to bolt it in, rather than weld it in.  This will make painting much easier (along with wiring, etc).