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After the initial two coats of DP, then any filler work with DP sprayed back over, we then moved on to the filler primer stage.  After several times of block sanding and filler primering, the body was finally ready for paint.

George's 5 window is going to be painted black, so we went with Dupont's Super Jet Black.  First to be painted was the firewall and floor.  Once they were completed, sanded and buffed, we could move on to the body shell.

The firewall and floor is carefully taped off and the body is cleaned for the last time.
Here's the body after being sealed, painted and cleared.

The doors were also done in the same way, just painted seperate to ensure good and equal coverage.  Plans call for a pinstripe down the side and a little around the tailights.  At this point, we now have to sand the body and doors to prepare for the pinstripe and then reclear the entire car.  Even though this is a considerable amount of work for a small stripe, it's the correct way it should be done.  The clear over the stripes will not only provide protection, it will have a much more finished appearance.