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This 5 window is going to have plenty of chrome!  Here's a few shots of some of the parts we've had done.  All of the work has been done by John Wright's Custom Chrome Plating out of Grafton Ohio.  His work is second to none.  When you see it in person, you'll be impressed.  Here's the SoCal drums (front and rear) along with backing plates and scoops.  An ugly job to do, and they turned out great.

The front wishbones and rear radius rods were also done.  Adding the slots just made things a little more difficult for the platers, but they came through.  There's no waves, and all of the common pitting associated with the factory weld seem that ran the length of the tubes has been filled.  They are really nice.

Although not the best picture, these are the rear backing plates.  All of the nooks and crannys are flawless.
We had the garnish moldings done also.  These are the quarter windows.  These can be real difficult due to the entire piece not having a flat area (what appears to be flat areas between the curves are actually dished).  These turned out gorgeous.

Here's the door garnish moldings.  These can also be real difficult to get polished real nice and also get the chrome to "throw" into the tight areas.  No problems with that on these.
The corners can be especially difficult to get polished without waves and to get the chrome in the tightest of areas.  John's got these areas perfected, as the polish work and chrome in the corners is flawless.