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The lower back corners of '32's look rather unfinished.  George decided he wanted some corners made like the one's we did on his roadster and John's roadster.  It really helps finish off this area better.
We start by making the top piece.  This is the area that will bolt on to the lower part of the body.  Three bolts will hold the corner in place.

We then move on to making the body of the piece.  The back half is worked in an English wheel in order to provide the compound curve required in this area.

Once the desired look is met, it is TIG welded into place.  Now on to making the front half.

This piece has a curved, turned-out section, which is hammered in using a standered shot filled leather bag.  Once it's fit, it's TIG welded into place.
From there, we weld in a 1" finishing edge to the areas that are close to the tank and frame.  This gives it a nice, finished look.  Also add a drain hole at this time.
Here's a shot of the finished piece, ready for primer and paint.
Sure helps this area look more finished.
The other side is then made to duplicate the first one.