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The drivers side doorskin was a little rough - looks like it's been through a couple of repairs already.  We decided to just reskin it using one of Bobby Walden's handmade skins.  He does a great job - the contours are excellent.
We started by grinding the edge to remove the skin.  Once this edge is cut though and the skin is removed, then the tack welded strip needs to be removed.

Here we're marking where the clearance for the hinge needs to be cut.  Once we cut the hinge area, we welded the skin back on and folded the back edge according to are desired gap.

Here we had to remove the inside door structure in order to hammer the welded area just below the belt line.  Once all of the finish work is done, we will reinstall.
Here's the finished product - a real nice door, not all beat up from 70 years of  abuse…