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We'll start at the rear floor area.  Even though the floors were really nice, we had to add some additional clearance for the rearend, driveshaft and panhard bar.

Here's we've cut out the section that needs to be raised.  We'll use the original piece above the rear (just raising it a bit), whereas for the driveshaft we'll roll a new section.

Here's the finished rear section.  It's welded solid, and will be finished off nicely on the bottom side.  Now on to the frontů
We start filling the hole by making two identical pieces and rolling some bead rolls in them for strength.
Then we add the toe board areas.  At this point everything is welded in. 
Now we add the tunnel area and the rear piece between the two large sections.  The tunnel is made in several sections to allow for tight clearances between the tranny and floor.  Once everything is tacked in and tested for comfort and clearance, it's all welded solid.  When finished, it's a very sturdy unit.