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George wanted a traditional  headlight bar made.  Something with a crossbar and would conceal the wires.  Since nothing like this is available, we went ahead and made one.  We started with SoCal headlight stands, which we cut in several pieces.  One of the reasons for cutting was to cross drill them, so we could run the wires through later.  Another was to turn the base (the stands were made with the headlights mounted to the side of the base and we needed them to mount forward of the base.

At this point we decided to use a crossbar (originally the plans were to use just the stands), so we cut the ends of the stands back off.  We would join them with a piece of 5/8" stainless bar ("v'd") to match the shell insert.  It would also be drilled on the ends to accomodate the headlight wires.

The tedious task of headlight placement is complete.  At this point we could do all of the final welding.

Here's the semi-finished piece (notice the pull wires to later help in getting the headlight wires through).
Here's the finished piece.  Even though it's made of stainless, we had it chromed to better match all of the other chromed pieces on the car.