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After the clear had dried, we went back and sanded the body completely to ready it for some pinstriping.

We are going to do a little stripe around the taillights, so we added them for reference.

Josh Shaw, who originally did the artwork for the car, did the striping.  He is a fantastic artist who really has the eye.  He's based in Ohio and does all of the flame layouts and striping for Wade Hughes. If you have a need for Josh, you can reach him at 513-659-6219.
Here the striping is complete.  It consists of two very thin white lines above and below a 3/8" yellow stripe.  These colors are matched to the colors we're using in the interior (and wheels).  Not seen in the photo is the hood, which the stripe follows to the front edge of the hood tops.  Josh also put a single white line on the wheels which is hardly visible, but a really nice detail.

You can see the taillight treatment in this shot - again yellow with fine white lines bordering.  These were Josh's ideas - they fit perfectly with the theme of the car.  Now onto reclearing everything, sanding and buffing.