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Usually venting the rear is no big deal, but on this rear is a little different.  Because there are seals in the axle tubes near the center section, we need to vent at the center section.  The tapped hole for this is at the top of the rear, which means we need to run the vent inside the car to keep it above the rear.  We will plumb it using -4 lines, to a vent tube, which will then vent to the outside of the car.  

Here's the pieces we'll need for the vent.  We're making it out of stainless, so rust will not be a problem down the road.  The fittings going into the vent are 1/8" pipe to -4.

Here's the finished vent ready to bolt in and plumb.

We bolted it to the right side quarter brace.

Here the -4 line has been run.  We left plenty of line underneath for suspension movement.