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Here's the uncut roof, everything fitting pretty well.  George decided we should take an inch out of the height - enough to look a little better than stock, not enough to be obvious why.
First the wood was removed around the window areas.  We only cut through the wood on the quarter windows - the back window we can take apart and shorten (as to not have any cuts) and the B pillars will also be shortened at the top.
Taking an even inch is pretty easy to mark off - 1" masking tape does the job real well.

The top is removed.  Notice the B pillar wood - we can now cut 1" off of the top and when we reinstall the roof, the wood will remain one piece.
The roof is back down and welded.  At this point the right rear quarter window area is metal finished.
Here's a shot of the left rear quarter area - everything has been ground, hammered and sanded.
Here's the 1" difference. The door on the left has not yet been cut.  We're not taking much, but the overall look of the car will just be a little nicer.
We're starting to add the wood back in the car.  The quarter window wood is the only wood that was cut.  This area is really for the upholstery - not for structural support.
The top is done.  Now on to the garnish moldings…