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We're using a Ford Motorsport 351 Windsor crate engine.  There is very little available (read nothing) in the way of  multi-carb setup for these engines.  Luckly, an outfit called Price Engineering makes adapter plates to bolt on a 289 intake to a 351W.  This opens up all sorts of options.  George decided 3X2's would be a great look on the car (we totally agree).  Here's a shot of the adapter plates along with a cast aluminum plate that bolts to the block (sort of a windage tray). 

Here's a shot of the finished unit.  We will now send the carbs out to Holley to detail (black powdercoat the centers, everything else chromed).  The intake and linkage goes to John Wright's Custom Chrome Plating for a dip in the chrome tank.  The aluminum plates will be painted with the engine so as to not stand out.