Heres the start an unboxed pair of frame rails

Since its a full fendered car, were welding in blocks for fenders, running boards and body mounts.  Well drill and tap them later.
The initial placement of the boxed rails in the jig.  Once everything is checked against the blueprint, well make some additional fixtures.
Heres a shot of the body on the frame with rear-end temporarily set in.  We wanted to run a decent sized tire, so we knew we would need to narrow the rear rails.
. Its pretty obvious here the frame will need to be narrowed a bit.
Heres a shot after narrowing the rear rails.  Enough clearance without getting crazy.  Were tackle the inner fenders soon.
Added some holes to the rear ladder bar brackets.
Were starting to get the rearend and rear crossmember located now that we have axle centerline.