Since we’re running a fairly narrow rearend with a Model A type of suspension, things get a little tricky.  In-order to get the correct distance between shackle mounting points, we needed to modify the rearend brackets.  We put a couple of bends in them, along with a stiffening brace.  This moves the mounting point out past the bearing area of the axle.

Because we moved them out a bit, they are now protruding into the backing plate area. We needed to step this area in for clearance. This is the maximum amount of step allowed and still have clearance for the brakes shoes to work correctly. Actually, this distance was figured out first in order to know how far we could move the bracket this is a little out of order.
The bracket welded onto the rear.
. We are running the So-Cal rear brake covers, which will also need to be modified for clearance.  We had to mill off a small amount of fins (all of the way around).  This is one of many little things that have to be done in-order to build a “simple” car.