Here’s the stock dash.  We’re going to use rare 2 5/8” green line gauges, along with a VERY rare 4 1/2 green line speedo.  The standard green line speedo is 3 3/8”  Does not look in proportion with 2 5/8” gauges.  We’d like to put the speedo with a smaller gauge on each side in the raised area directly in front of the driver.  When doing this, the gauges will practically touch.  So we going to add a little width to the raised area, hoping to not add enough to make it noticeable.






This shows the problem – these are templates of the actual size of the gauges.  Looks way too crowded!


 Here’s where we’ll make the cuts. 







At this point we’ve moved the left side of the large circle over about 3/4” (the open space in the middle of the circle is the actual amount).  It isn’t obvious this was done, but now we’ll have the room for the 3 gauges with a little space between each.



The 3 gauges are mounted.  They look “comfortable” in the space.


The tach has been added
The other two gauges are in a mount we made to go with the raised areas of the dash.


 Looks like a late ‘60’s pure hot rod dash!  Basically just a stock dash with some basic aftermarket gauges!