Were going to make some lower door sills.  The aftermarket pieces are just not very nice.  Here we want to make something that blends in, not stands out.  Well start out with a flat piece of 18 gauge.






We start out by rolling the top section where the carpet will go underneath. This point is critical, as it needs to be high enough for carpet to tuck underneath, but no higher.


 We have to put a bit of a curve in the piece, as the body curves in this area.



Test fit.  Now well put in a raised section for a nicer look. 



Using the bead roller to add the raised section
The raised area about done.
 For mounting, well add some dimpled screw holes. 



Finished.  Just a stock looking, basic piece.


 Sanding/buffing phase.  I like to paint the top edge the carpet color, so it blends into the interior better.
A peek at the finished/install piece