Here’s what we’re starting with.  A ‘65 Buick 425.  This motor has never been in a car.  It was a factory replacement 425 with dual quads.  It was purchased from nailhead guru Russell Martin of Centerville Auto Repair where he went though the internals.    We are running a Hilborn Injection setup on it.  It’s been out to Steve Sbelgio’s Eclipse Engineering where all of the electronics were wired, then engine broke in and fine tuned.  Now it’s just a matter of smoothing the block/heads and making it look good.
Here’s some shots after the grinding/smoothing is done.





Primed and block sanded.


We are ready for paint.








Painted and ready for finish assembly.


A shot of the finished oil pan.
The painted tranny.


Pretty close to a finished engine.  Cleaned up real nice without being to “showy”...