With the headers completed, well now move on to the rest of the exhaust.  I like to start from the front, and move to the back, making them as close as possible side to side.  Were using 2 1/2 steel tubing and donuts.  Well get the system coated when completed.  Here weve started moving down the drivers side.  Well get to the crossmember, then bring the passenger side to the same point
At this point we need to bring it through the center of tube crossmembers.


Metal finished the curves and brought it through the crossmember.  Now do the passenger side
Passenger side done (to the crossmember).  Now we need to bring it up and over the ladder bars. As you can see, were using Julianos clamps.  They are a really nice piece.  They make for easy assembly and removal..
Heres the piece that goes up and over the ladderbars.


Now on to the mufflers.  First we make sure both are sitting at exactly the same angle (in this case 3.5 degrees).  Ive also added the clamps to the mufflers at this point.
 Just need to make the piece for the drivers side muffler and well be ready to go up and over the rear.
Were done to the mufflers.
 Up and over the rear, and out the back under the tank.
The last sections.  I added a little flare to the ends.  Now its ready to be coated...