During the chassis build, locating front axle centerline was difficult.  ‘34 front fenders have two “peaks”.  The fender bead has a high point about an inch behind the top of the fender peak.  So whichever one you use to place the front wheels in line with, the other peak  makes it look like the axle centerline is off.  So I choose to go with the peak on top of the fender (it’s the farthest forward) when I built the chassis and now I’m going to move the fender bead to match.  Here I’ve marked the first section I’m going to remove and reshape


The section has been removed, reshaped and added back to the fender.  The cardboard shows the original shape..



 Most of the welding is done.







Welded in and filed/sanded.  Now on to the back half to make the bead flow better
Here’s where we’re going to cut the back section





Welded back in – just needs to be finished. 



Here’s a close up of the finish work.


We’re done.  The opening still has the familiar shape of the ‘34, just now the axle centerline”s” are the same.   Now on to the right side..