This is what were starting with.  A set of flanges from Headers by Ed.


Since were using a nailhead, which has a drivers side starter, along with a manual tranny, things are going to be pretty tight on the drivers side.  Here we have our collector situated, so its just a matter of getting the tubes to it

First one is pretty easy, as we want it at the bottom inside of the collector.
Second tube is also pretty straightforward, going to the bottom outside of the collector.
Things start to get a little tricky as we add the third tube.  Whats making it a little difficult is the collector needs to be as far forward as possible.  Its also making a turn to avoid the leg of the k-member..
Weve added the 4th tube.  Also at this point weve finished modifying the collector and adding it to the header.  Just starting on the rest of the exhaust...
 Heres the start of the right side.  Only the oil filter to deal with here
The tubes are in place, just need to modify the collector for a nice fit and start welding.
 The tubes cut and ready for the collector.
The collector added. Now ready for the rest of the exhaust system.