We’re going to cut the top on George’s ‘34 roughly 3.5” in the front, 3” in the back.  Plus, we’re going to lean the post back AND split the roof.  Twice as much work, but by doing both, it will have a nicer look and proportion.  If just one or the other is done, it becomes real obvious what was done (not really in a good way).  To start, I want to get rid of the overlap joints on the Steve’s Autorestorations body.  The upper rear window section is the first one we’ll attack.


The upper section has been removed.
Spot welds have been drill out.  We’ll now cut the metal so we can have a butt joint.







Welded in and filed/sanded.  Now on to the back half to make the bead flow better
Top is now off. 




We’ve done some calculations, and we’re going to lean the post back about 3/4”, and split the roof and add 7/8”. 
The posts are leaned back and welded (both inside structure and outside).  The back quarter pieces cut and mocked up to check alignment.




  Looks good here...



The center filler piece is added to the roof.


The quarter section is welded.
The passenger side is finished (the body part).
As you can see, we’re trying to finish the metal as nice as possible.  Now on to the doors and garnish moldings.