Now we’re moving on to chopping the doors. When we’re done, the upper hinge is going to be in the same proportion to the window is was from the factory.  In other words, we’re not going to cut above or below the hinge (the easiest thing to do), but rather through it so it remains just a “tick” above center of the window opening when done.


The upper section has been removed.
Since we leaned the windshield posts back, we need to do the same on the doors.  Here’s the outer section has been removed to access the inner structure.






Front section welded.
Removing the hinge area. 




Once the exact location of the hinge was located, it is welded back into the door.


Looks like it was never messed with.  You can also see where we narrowed up the vent area of the metal.  It was way too wide once the window area was shortened.




Garnish molding went through the same treatment.  Plus the bottom section was lengthened about an inch.  A lot of work here....

The back window cutting is done along with welding in the upper back window section.  Next we will move on to filling the roof.