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Here's of shot of the tripower before getting detailed.  This will make the engine a little more interesting since there was never a 3X2's setup available for the 351.

Things look a little better now.  Holley speed shop did the carbs (powder coated the centers black, everything else plated).  John Wright's Custom Chrome Plating the intake/water neck.

Everything's all bolted together.  We made our own alternator mount and had it plated.  You can also see the handmade overflow tank.  It's real subtle and follows the contours of the radiator/fan shroud/grill shell.

Here's the other side.  The air cleaners are from O'Brien Truckers.  We have another set at the platers and when they get done with them, we will paint the fins black and switch them on the engine.  It's tough taking decent pictures with the black and chrome (either it's too dark or it gets washed out).  Anyway, we're real happy how everything came together nicely.