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We started the rear half of the interior build with the floor. We cut 7 sections of Hard Rock Maple, fitting the outer sections nicely to the wheelwells. Once this was completed, we layed out the stainless strips.
We then fabricated a rear lower sill plate. This piece was made in several sections due to the multiple curves.

.Since the battery(s) were to be located under the floor, we made a template of the size of hole needed. After placing in several areas, it was determined this would be location that would work best.



Once the hole was cut, we then fabricated a steel cover. This will eventually be painted black, with chrome screws holding it in place.

Underneath the hole is a battery box we fabricated. Two 6 volt batteries wired in series will provide the power. The bottom of the box is notched to help keep the batteries in place. There's also a slide that helps in removing the batteries into the box.


We then built a tool box to fill the hole under the cover.
Once the tool box is removed, you can see the location of the batteries.

Here's the wood box, oiled and finished, and batteries wired. Also the cut-off switch is wired in. It's really a nice piece and it's a shame to cover it up!

.A shot of the finished floor. Everything sanded and oiled, stainless strips polished. There will still be a piece added at the very front to act as a stop for items sliding into the seats.