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At this point, we’ve taken Phil’s body and added a steel inner structure, along with a pedal assembly.  Some John Deere rear wheel/tires also from Phil will help the hot rod look.  Also, an axle and rear spreader have been made.

We’re going to add a fuel injection setup.  After making a die to make the stacks, we finish it up by making the internal butterfly’s.  Should look pretty realistic!
After making the LimeFire side exhaust, we’re on to mounting the Injectors.
Injectors have been mounted
 We’ve drilled the steering wheel and mocked up the gauge panel.  It’s a duplicate of the Panel in Phil’s 3 window.
The mockup stage is done – just as with the full size cars, we’ll now break it down for paint and reassembly
 It will get blocked and primed twice before painting
Here’s all of the pieces that were sent out for chrome.  Jon Wright’s Custom Chrome Plating from Grafton Ohio did all of the plating work and as usual did a fantastic job!  You have to see it up close to really appreciate how nice it is!
Here’s the body after paint.  It was first base/cleared  with DuPont Chromapremier.   Then Scott Aalto did the pinstriping.  Two incredibly thin lines, perfectly proportioned.  Then the body was re-cleared, sanded and buffed.
Another shot of the sanded and buffed body.
Some of the brightwork has been added – starting to look like a little car!
Gauge panel has been added.  Classic Instruments did this for us, duplicating the panel in Phi’s 3 window
Here’s a shot of the interior.  Dave and Sally Schober (Schober’s Custom Hot Rod Interiors from Sandwich Illinois) did the beautiful work.  Everything is just perfect.  The steering wheel looks so nice, especially considering the difficulty due to the small size!
A great shot showing just how nice the plating work is
Here’s a nice shot showing the underside.  The belly pan was done with various sizes up lightening holes and finished with DuPont’s Hot Rod Black.  Scott also did the pinstriping on the rearend cover.
A shot of the rear.  We made the taillights.  Also, not shown in the picture is a custom license plate and frame.
Here’s a final shot.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a great cause!