FastLane Rod Shop Past Projects




 FastLane 1963 1/2 Galaxie Fastback –  After 14 years of building cars for customers, we’ve decided to do one for ourselves.  After seeing a Galaxie that Craig Cooley built for George Poteet, I just had to build one for myself.  Ford hit a home run with what they did with the ‘63 1/2 after the NASCAR boys leaned on Ford to build something for the high speed tracks.  Ford’s answer was a car that truly looks like it’s going fast just sitting still!  We’ll make it a little bit lower and add a healthy engine (a Robert Pond built 482 with an 8 Stack Injection system) should go nicely with what appears to be a nicely restored Galaxie.  Subtle changes like removing a few emblems and a Classic Instrument package will clean things up bit.  Finished in Corinthian White (by Axalta) and a Black XL interior by Dave Schober should be a great combination.  Watch for this car to hit the ground running with the first cruise adding about 6000 miles on the odometer!    
 George Poteet's 1934 Ford  3 Window Coupe  –   We’re using a Steve’s Auto-Restoration body and fenders to build the ultimate hot rod. Powered by a 425 Hilborn Injected Nailhead linked to a 5 speed and Winters quick change, it will definitely run as good as it looks! A good chop along with many subtle changes will set this 3 window apart. A traditional styled interior will round out what’s going to be a great car to look at and drive. We'll eventually cover it in a DuPont orange. Awards and specs  


2012 Deuce Week - We were contacted a while back asking if we would be interested in building a pedal car for the 2012 Deuce Week.  This event will be held at the Peterson Museum to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Deuce.  It is such an honor to be considered since they ask only 10 builders from across the country, so of course we said yes.  Thanks to Phil and Deb Becker for donating a really nice body.  From there we built a steel inner structure, along with some lime fire heads and a Hilborn Injection setup.  The pedal car will debut at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show and then go on the Peterson Museum where it will be on display for Deuce Week.  Later in the year it will get auctioned off for charity.  Check out the build pictures.


Phil Beckers 1932 Ford 3 Window CoupePhil had been working on this project for some time. We couldn't agree more with his vision for a really nice traditional styled rod, similiar to Alan Buttons '32. He  already had some metal work done by Merle Burg which was excellent. We built a chassis for it, including adding a quick change.  Also, a mild chop and some subtle things to the front (hood and fenders), trick headlight bar, etc helped make his dream a reality. We covered everything with a DuPont mustard color. At it’s debut in Columbus in 2011, it was named Goodguys Street Rod of the Year!  Awards and specs


Floyd Williams 1932 Ford Brookville Roadster - We've done a few Brookville bodies over the years, but this one is definitely be the quickest of them! Floyd is a really nice guy who's been in the "thick of things" in the hot rod world for a long time. He had been wanting to do a 32 Roadster for some time, and had a real good vision for what he wanted. Floyd used a Hilborn Injectioned ZZ4 backed by a 5 speed. Suspension is a transverse leaf front and rear with a 5" dropped axle and quick-change rear rolling on Halibrands.  Floyd's cars are black, so DuPont Black paint covers everything - this is  one really nice, fun Hot Rod!  At the Goodguys Indy show in 2010, it was named Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year!  Awards and specs


George Poteet's 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery  We've done several projects for George over the years, but this one is a cut above!  We're did some neat things to this Sedan Delivery.  It features a more traditional look, with a 327/4 speed combination and a quick change rear.  Some subtle body mods and real detailed chassis compliments the coolest interior ever seen in a Delivery.  We used a cross leaf front and rear with wishbones/radius rods.  We'll also have a really cool instrument panel from Classic and of course it was given the full DuPont paint treatment. Awards/Press and Specs



George Poteet's '40 Ford Pickup  George bought this truck several years back on the Power Tour.  He put plenty of enjoyable miles on it, making several updates to it along the way.  The black primer with the flames really made for a cool ride.  He decided that it was time for a quick redo and some paint  We pulled the TPI/700r4 and replaced it with a FastBurn 385hp crate motor with a 5 speed.  We're using a Classic Instruments gauge cluster similiar to the one in his 5 window which will really compliment the black and white tuck and roll interior.  Dupont HotHues gold with some cream and black stripping will top this little truck off!  It was out on the road for the 2005 rodding season racking up plenty of miles!  Please check out the press/specs page for additional details.Awards/Press and Specs


 Alan and Connie Button's '32 3 Window Coupe - Alan brought up a really nice 3 window he had owned for 21 years.  He started working on it in the '80's, but other demands on his time always kept it on the back burner.  He decided it's time to get this show on the road!   He had a great start (early Boyd chassis, great steel body, healthy small block and a Muncie 4 speed).  Plans were for the car to remain pretty traditional.  We kept Eric Vaughn's Real Wheels (although we added a little nicer set for the rear).  Classic Instruments came through on a really killer one-off gauge panel.  Alan mixed the color, which Dupont now refers to it as FastLane Red.  The car was completed just in time to debut at Goodguys Indy, and was well received throughout the 2004 rodding season.  We ended the year with a Top 5 at the Goodguys Pleasanton show. Please check out the press/specs  page for additional details.


George Poteet's '32 Ford 5 Window Coupe - George sent up a really solid 5 window body along with a rendering of the finished product.   George had some really neat ideas for the car that really set it apart.  It's a pretty traditional car with a Ford crate motor, 5 speed, Winters banjo style rear and wire wheels.  We scratch built the chassis along with doing everything in-house except the interior.  The car was completed for the 2003 Rod Run season and it's going to be at plenty of GoodGuys and NSRA events. Awards/Press and Specs



John Oakes' '32 Brookville Roadster We started with a Brookville body, a modified Cornhusker chassis and a 385HP crate motor.  John wanted a traditional Hot Rod, and we think we hit that pretty well.  He's really happy with the finished product.  It debuted on the power tour 2002, then on to Goodguys Indy and then headed home with John to Virginia.  He has been racking up many "fun" miles over the years.  It has been featured in issues of Rod and Custom and Northern Rodder.  Press & Specs 



Jim Tucker's '32 Roadster
Jim Tucker's '32 Ford Roadster  - Jim has been working on this car approximately 5 years.   It features a Wescot body, heavily modified Pete & Jakes chassis, 383 small block and a quick change rear.    We did the paint (in Dupont's Super Jet Black) and reassembly. It's now ready for Jim to do the wiring and interior and start racking up the miles.



George Poteet's '32 Brookville

George Poteet's '32 Ford Brookville Roadster - George wanted a traditional style roadster, along the lines of an updated   We began this project with a new steel Brookville Roadster Body and a set of American Stamping Rails.  The frame has been pinched and wheelbase extended.  It debuted on the Hot Rod Power Tour 2001.  George is hoping to add about 15,000 miles to the odometer during the summer of 2001! .  Award/Press & Specs 



'59 StratoCruiser

FastLane '59 StratoCruiser - This project started out to be a very basic “family” car, a good size cruiser to get everyone to and from the Rod Runs in style. Built in 8 months (not including interior time), things went a little farther than planned, and we ended up with the “StratoCruiser”. The body received a minor smoothing, with some emblems removed and the tailgate window “key” filled. Also the front eyebrows and blinkers were filled and a new handmade grill (with smooth blinkers) was added. This car was completed mid May 2000, and as of September 18, 2000 had 10,000 miles on the odometer! It has been driven!!! Everything on this car was done in our shop except the interior. At the 2001 Goodguys Indy show this car was sold to a great family in Arkansas.  Have fun with the car Bryan, and keep racking up the miles!      Awards/Press & Specs     More Pictures



Mike Fosbinder's '37 Ford

Mike Fosbinder's '37 Ford - This is a Downs bodied, mild pro-street car. Mike owns a successful machine shop and is more than capable of building a quality car. Problem is, he just didn't have the time to dedicate to the project. He brought this car out to us as a bare body mounted on a roughed out chassis (front and rear suspension, motor and tranny mount). I took the project from there and the only time it left the shop was for the interior. It is a fun, enjoyable car, gathering up plenty of miles. After a couple of years of driving, Mike has sold the car, and is already discussing plans for a '32 Ford Three Window. Watch for that project to start up soon!  Awards/Press & Specs     More Pictures



Kelly Page's '32 Vicky -  Kelly put together this Downs Bodied Vicky over a 2 year span, and it's now ready for the road!  I did the body and paint work, using DuPont basecoat/clearcoat.  I also ran the stainless steel brake lines and helped Kelly with the final assembly.  This is a real clean, highly detailed car, and with an LT-1,  runs extremely well! Kelly put together this Downs Bodied Vicky over a 2 year span, and it's now ready for the road!  I did the body and paint work, using DuPont basecoat/clearcoat.  I also ran the stainless steel brake lines and helped Kelly with the final assembly.  This is a real clean, highly detailed car, and with an LT-1,  runs extremely well!


'FastLane Rod Shop '32 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster - This is our personal car.  Put together in just 3 1/2 months, it was built to look as though it was a late 1960’s Hot Rod.  Initially it was to have an Indian Blanket for a seat cover, but we stepped up with a white tuck and roll.  I scratch built the chassis, hairpins and batwings (with the help of Jay Hilstein from Rod Parts Warehouse).   With the big block Chevy, it gets with the program!  And it has been driven!  About 20,000 miles since completion!       Awards/Press & Specs     More Pictures



Curt Caldwell's '64 Chevy Pick Up
Curt Caldwell's '64 Chevy Pick Up - This is Curt’s first shot at building from the ground up. As you can see, he doesn’t take any shortcuts. We furnished Curt with a place to build, and some assistance on metal work and paint, but it was his hard work and dedication that got the truck to the level it is. Curt did 90% of all fabrication and body work himself, I did the paint, and we both did final assembly. This truck has to be seen in person (and and really looked over) to notice all of the detail work!   Awards/Press & Specs     More Pictures



Jim Park's '35 Chevy Coupe

Jim Parks '35 Chevy Coupe -  Our personal car from 1991-1994, it now resides in Wisconsin.  All steel (except running boards and rear apron), it started out as a very solid car.  I chopped the top 2.5” and added a filled roof.  I also filled the cowl and added ’39 Ford taillights.  Awards/Press & Specs  More Pictures