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We're putting a '40 dash in George's 5 window.   Modifications had to be made to make it fit. Here's a shot of the dash after all of the modifications have been completed.  It's been blocked several times and is ready for paint.

It's going to be yellow and white.  First the entire dash was painted white.  We will now mask off the areas to be left white and paint the rest yellow.

Here's a shot after the yellow and clear has been sprayed.  It's been sanded and polished, and is ready to be put back together.

Here's a picture of the dash with the gauge panel, custom knobs and speaker grill.  Classic made the gauge panel for us, using the same look of a '40 but with our fonts, colors and George's Camel Toe Racing Logo.  It's a real trick piece.  Also, Dennis Crooks from Steering Wheel Restorations made us the smaller '40 wheel and dash knobs.  We turned a pattern for the knobs and he made them to match in yellow and white plastic with a stainless ring as a divider

This is the prototype knob we sent Dennis.  From here he made molds and worked his magic!

Here's a side shot of the knobs Dennis made.  They are just sitting on the dash right now (the switches are not yet mounted).  They will be straight once everything is completed.
With the custom made wheel, it should be pretty striking when completed!